The Building

928 Central is a vision, not a building

But since the activities and connections will happen within the building, here are some early concepts of what the building could look like and provide

An unmistakably new vision

to help organizations who are already working to server Northern Arizona

Connecting our Community

928 Central is a physical extension

of the mission that CCoF is already acting on with our local nonprofits.

CCoF doesn’t just have a mission, it's on a mission—a mission to selflessly serve, build meaningful relationships, and create powerful experiences that positively impact our local community and beyond.


In 2022 it will break ground on a state-of-the-art multi-use event space to support its growing community.

When you partner financially with 928 Central, lives are changed, and the community of Northern Arizona is transformed. All donations made to 928 Central are tax deductible.